Surf Lessons

Discover the world of Surf and practice it in some of the best beaches in Europe. Our instructors will guide you through the various stages of our courses from beginners to advanced surfing techniques. Our classes are scheduled to ease learning whatever the age and level of the student.

All instructors of our school are graduates of the FES (Spanish Surf Federation), the FCS (Canarian Surf Federation) and the ISA (International Surfing Association).


  • Wave dynamics
  • Help and self rescue
  • Warm up exercises
  • Recognize streams and canals
  • Materials, sizes and shapes


  • Entering the water
  • Rowing properly
  • Standing on top of the board
  • Correct position on the board
  • Overcoming waves
  • Sitting on the board
  • Riding waves
  • Takeoff (Take Off)
  • Self rescue practice

Our coaches are responsible to combine theory and practice in the best way to enhance your learning.

Moreover, in Fuerteventura, we are lucky to enjoy a pleasant weather throughout the year, together with the energy of our instructors, make surfing lessons a unique opportunity to learn this incredible sport and the culture and respect to nature that accompanies it.

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